Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Forty-fifth Day

Today was American Short Story. The stories seem to be getting progressively better. This one 'The Storm', was quite straight forward and the symbolism much more easy to see.

Next week is reading week. Which I guess most people call a free. It'll be a good chance to catch up
on some work - and I handed in my IT project today.

Wednesday tomorrow - the busiest day.


Kiml said...

I've got to do a piece of desktop publishing, a magazine article, poem or story. I'm thinking of either doing an article on the Hercules, a fedigors or the P90 based rail gun. What do you think?

Daniel said...

Sounds good. I'd do it on the shuttle.

Kiml said...

I think I agree with you on this one. I may need some advice for various things. I'll ask questions as they come up.